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 (ESIA) EMPOWER SUCCESS IN AFRICA is a TV channel and platform that inspires, motivates, empowers and coaches. We do all these by helping you awaken and remodel your personal responsibility skills and development. We believe africa‚Äôs positive transformation can be achieved via recognising and achieving our personal responsibility and development . Each and everyone of us has a responsibility and is accountable to someone: our families , children, parents, guadients, traditional chiefs, managers, the law, the state etc.... The purpose of this page is to shed light on the beauty and richness of the people and societies of Africa which is often not talked about. Africans need mind awakening and empowerment rather than humanitarian work going on since ever but not benefiting anyone!
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Supporting the needy around the world is my long term goal and God help me with this ambitious journey.

Our constant craving for empowering others, information, curiousity and freedom for writting are the driving forces behind my blog. Blogging is a passion.

Entrepreneurship in Africa 

Africa should take advantage of its youth demographic dividend to push young entrepreneurs to contribute to the continent's economic transformation. This has been the subject on every political speech, the seductive magnet in election campaigns, and the chorus in many economic write-ups, but yet finance remains the biggest barrier to entry resulting to a large informal entrepreneurship at the bottom of the African economic pyramid. There is a lot on the WHY? but soo little on the HOW?