🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲Anglophone crisis: Building a New Country.

Nadine Tonguem


Cameroonians are caught between the tyranny of the govt and the rage of the secessionist. You take side with any at your own detriment. So the situation unleashes fear and gags free speech making innocent folks and concerned citizen to live in fear and trauma and unable to lead a normal life. 

As the govt fails to provide leadership while the seperatist explore all oppurtunities to be heard and gain global recognition; the carnage,casualties, misery and destruction amplifies daily leaving the population angry, helpless and thinking. 

The silent majority is watching, thinking and plotting. The moment is at hand for Cameroonians to unite and take back this nation from a failed govt and forces of anarchy that have and want to keep destroying the destiny and resources of this country. From many we are one. We are all Cameroonians.

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